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Caffeine High, Sugar High, or the Most High?

I was dog-tired.

With a long list of responsibilities that needed to be accomplished before bedtime, I craved a treat to get through the remaining tasks. A little grumpy, I decided I needed a yummy candy bar. Though my typical quick go-to is a big cup of coffee, a Reese's cup and Mt Dew were calling my name on this particular evening. The more I thought about my long list of to-do's, the more I felt I deserved the KING size Reese's cups!

I admit happiness filled my heart as the yummy chocolate and peanut butter treats melted in my mouth. The problem is that the delight only lasted a few minutes. Yes, I did enjoy the sugar rush; but I faced the sugar low on the backside. The looming list still taunted me when the treat was gone.

Honestly, I'm amazed at how quickly I can run to other things instead of my Abba Father when I am tired and overwhelmed. Sugar treats call my name loudly. Caffeine drinks give a few more minutes of energy. However, I know that deep down, my soul craves the Most High, not a caffeine or sugar high.

My soul craves not a caffeine high or sugar high but the Most High.

Hear me say that I do not think anything is wrong with eating a dessert now and then. My hubby says, "Life is uncertain! Eat dessert first!" haha. My point is simply desserts are treats, not treatments.

Desserts are treats, not treatments.

And yes, I am clearly addicted to coffee on my good and bad days. But that is another post for another day.

How about you? Who or what do you go to when your day is long? Do you gravitate to a TV show, an overabundant meal, entertainment, a sugar rush, or retail therapy? I believe diversions have their place - But our Abba Father is more. I long to give Him first place, but sometimes, I quickly forget this. He is the most high. Why would I run to anything else? He knows my long list of to-dos. He sees my overwhelmed heart. He can accomplish through me more than I can ever do on my own. He is a strong tower for the weak. He sees. He hears. He knows. He loves...unconditionally.

Today, I chose to run to him instead of peanut butter dipped in chocolate. He is more capable- He has the strength I need for the long haul of this life. He has promised that "in His presence is fullness of joy, and at His right Hand are pleasures forever more." Psalm 16:11 Let us run to the Master who can master our lives.

Let us run to the Master who can master our lives.

Proverbs 18:10 ( CEV) reads, "The Lord is a mighty tower where his people can run for safety."

The picture of a tower is one of height, power, and strength. The building gives safety. This is a visual image of the strength our Lord has. So, dear sisters, let's run to the Mighty Tower and allow Him to master our life.

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