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"WHOA - Is this like a Farm or a Forest or Something?"

On a recent visit, our blond-haired, blue-eyed four-year-old grand babygirl asked to explore the backyard of the great-grands. She desired to see a much talked about blueberry bush. You see, blueberries are a favorite around here. My littles will plop down on their bootie and gobble the delightful treat until bluish-colored juice runs down fingers to their elbows and drips on the floor. There is something magical about the sweet pop of a fresh berry on a hot summer day.

So on this latest expedition to the great-grands, my Bella's little mind was processing the life of a blueberry from the bush to her tastebuds. To show her the plant in full bloom, we ventured past the great-grand's garden and headed towards the mature bush. As we walked through the big backyard, my little city girl with wide eyes gasped, "Whoa, is this like a farm or a forest or something?"

Now friends, their garden is perhaps 20 feet of raised beds. The space is not considered big in the country world. However, it is productive and a beautiful place. The great-grands take meticulous care of their produce; though, it is not a farm and indeed not a forest. So the adults giggled at the awe of her perspective.

However, her comment has caused some self-examination. What is my perspective? Do I see a big beautiful farm or a simple blueberry bush? Is my perspective tented with a daring faith to believe in the Big and the Grand of my God? Or do I see man's small and limited?

I am reminded of the twelve spies Moses sent into the land of Egypt. Their mission was to examine the lay of the land, to observe the enemy, to give a report on this Promised Land. (Numbers 13:1-17) Twelve spies gathered facts. Twelve spies examined the same people, the same army, the same social means of the enemy. However, though having the same information, their perspectives were vastly different. Ten felt small and defeated. BUT two trusted in something bigger and better. Two men had a perspective beyond themselves. Two men knew of the power and promise of their God. Two men understood how to frame their situation because of the God they served. They saw the Big and the Bold of their circumstances. (Numbers 13:21-32)

Friend, what is your perspective today? Do you see the magic in teaching yourself to trust in the Big God we serve? Do you see a big beautiful garden surrounded by a grand forest or just the simple blueberry bush?

When you are tired, do you still see the gift of your children? I get it. Once upon a time, I too, had four small children. I had days when I too was worn out by the title of Mom. But friend, when we forget the magic of the gift of life entrusted into our hands, then perhaps, it is time to pause and remember. Taste the goodness of the privilege. Look for the joy and fun hidden in the deep couches of motherhood. Change your perspective. (Psalm 127:3) Train your brain to tap into the strength only He can give, instead of your limitations. Trust the truth that God chose you as the best momma for your child.

Or are you dreading your job for it is sucking the life out right out of your soul? Then it is time to change your perspective. Either in your heart to see the good in the job or take steps to chase your dream job. You get to choose your thoughts. Your thoughts will change your patterns. Your patterns will close or open future doors.

Do you have a friend that you are mentoring? See the good in the path of a changed life as you do life together. Trust God's promises and the goodness He offers. Trust the big and the bold for her future. See the big garden and vast forest, not a simple bush.

Today, I encourage you to change your perspective to see life through the magical eyes of a child. Soak in the awe. Believe the big and the grand all around us. Perhaps instead of seeing a small bush today, your perspective will see a Farm or a Forest or something extravagant!

:) I double dare you. :)

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