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Hot Mess - Holy Jesus

Do you feel like a hot mess? Me too! It is easy to be overwhelmed and overly worried by the stress of this world. Yet, our Jesus tells us we can live differently.

I would love for you to join me in discovering four secrets to a calm and confident lifestyle from the life of Christ. I am offering a class at my home church this summer. In our time together, we will discover freeing principles on how to live with peace cupped with confidence. We will meet weekly on Monday evenings at 6:30 on campus starting June 12 and continue for four weeks. We will begin with dinner as a large group and then gather in cozy smaller groups for the study.

If you are a local friend, I would love for you to come. Consider this your invitation! If you are not local, would you pray with me as we gather? Pray the Lord will speak to us with His gentle voice, calm us with his promises and change us with his everlasting love.

Click Here to register.

Thanks, friends! You are loved!

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