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Long Days and Lost Keys

You know it has been a looooooong day when you find yourself driving your car, and question if your car keys are with you. 🙂

Yep! That just happened.

Have you ever been so tired, your thoughts are blurred!? Clearly, I have!

Do you have an exhausting to do list? I do!

Recently, I committed to a couple of new projects. The tasks are my calling, but accomplishing the responsibilities have been draining. (Especially when already having a full schedule.) Honestly, my week consisted of ten to twelve-hour workdays. I. Am. Tired.

What is a Jesus-girl to do when she is bone-tired?

Here are a few things I am thinking through:

  1. Perhaps, we are not called to do everything we are trying to do. I am learning I must let go of somethings, and stick to my calling. Just because there is a need, does not mean I am called to the need. If I commit to everything, I will eventually burn-out. Instead, I must stay true to my calling, and say no to the rest. What is the “thing” the Lord has called you to? Stay true to your “thing.” You may have heard it said, “Good things are not always the best things.”

  2. I must trust Christ fully. If God brought me to the task, He will walk me to victory. Therefore, I ask for His guidance. I ask Him to multiply my time. I pray for wisdom and guidance. He leads, and I follow. He gives the strength needed as I step into His will. Zechariah 4:6 reads, “Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord of hosts.”

  3. “Sometimes, the most spiritual thing I can do is rest.” Honest! My husband heard this statement somewhere and shared it with me recently. When I am tired, my thoughts become mush, and my words turn ugly. Before I enter the negative spiraling hole, the best thing for me is rest. Friends, permit yourself permission to invest in you. Rest. Sleep. Be still. Ask for help to make this happen, if you need to. If you have little ones, seek help from family members or friends for pockets of rest. Make arrangement so you can sleep in on a Saturday morning or go to bed early one week-night. But rest. If you are working outside of the home, take a day of vacation. But rest.

You will be happy to know, as I rode down the street; I figured out exactly where my car keys were located. HA!

I also went home and crawled into bed for a good sleep.

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