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Obsessed with High Heels

I must confess.

I have a thing for cute heels. Wedges, pumps, booties and pointed toe heels are some of my favorites. Honestly, I have more than my share. Black pumps, tan peep-toe heels, and nude spiked heels line my closet. It is an obsession. I admit; I am helplessly drawn to cute footwear. Why? Because I feel when a lady wears a classy heel, she is stating that she enjoys being a woman. And. I. LOVE. Being. A. Woman. How about you?

I like my curves and my creativity. I am grateful for choices gifted by my creator. I love being feminine, yet strong. I enjoy being a wife to my man. I like the fact that he makes my heart beat a little faster as he locks eyes with me from across the room. I love (on most days) being a mom to four children. I am a woman who takes pleasure in being a lady. The reality is that my average day is not a “high heeled” kinda day. Often you will find me wearing worn out tennis shoes or tattered flip-flops (which are missing a rhinestone) as I struggle to get through the day. I have been called ‘a hot mess, ‘ and I am fully aware of my need for a Savior. I have found that in Jesus Christ. I am now on a journey, learning to linger a little longer at His feet. He is my source of grace and strength.

High Heels at His Feet is hope and encouragement for the woman, who like me, wants more. Not more shoes, but more in her relationship with the one true Lord. I don’t have the answers but I am learning to be still in front of the one who does.  He gives words of power and potential for this imperfect girl. He has a love to be lavished on you and me.

So from my heart to yours, I give the gift of words. I celebrate who I am in Christ and as I learn how to sit at his feet. Nothing special in myself, but I am figuring some things out as I trust Him.

Welcome to High Heels at His Feet!

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