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Pray Drunk Prayers

Are you in a place of desperation? Do you have unplanned meetings with a tear-soaked pillow while others sleep? Do you need God to change your circumstances?

There was a woman in the Bible named Hannah who understood the pit of desperation. Scripture records her tears, tells of her anguish and explains her grief. Hannah was barren but longed for a child. For years, Hannah had been unable to change her outcome. For years, she was mocked because of her bareness.

However, there was a shift in her story when Hannah began to pray ‘drunk prayers.’ What do I mean by drunk prayers? She prayed with such intensity that Eli, the priest, believed her to be drunk.

1 Samuel 1: 10 – 14 reads, “In her deep anguish, Hannah prayed to the Lord, weeping bitterly  . . . As she kept on praying to the Lord, Eli observed her mouth. Hannah was praying in her heart, and her lips were moving but her voice was not heard. Eli thought she was drunk and said to her, “How long are you going to stay drunk? Put away your wine.”

Hannah had not been drinking. Verse 15-16 reads, “Not so, my lord,” Hannah replied, “I am a woman who is deeply troubled. I have not been drinking wine or beer; I was pouring out my soul to the Lord. Do not take your servant for a wicked woman; I have been praying here out of my great anguish and grief.”

In her desperation, she prayed ‘drunk prayers.’ Her prayer was not the status quo kind of worship. No, Hannah prayed with intensity. She prayed specifically. Hannah prayed boldly. She begged without the intimidation of what others would think. She prayed a desperate drunk prayer.

Have you ever longed for something so profoundly that you prayed without caring what others thought? Have you prayed with the passion of Hannah?

Ladies, I don’t know what you’re facing today, but I want to learn to pray ‘drunk prayers’! I want to pray like my soul-sister Hannah. How about you? Here is what I am learning from her prayer life.

1. Hannah knew where to go with her pain. She went straight to the Lord. “In bitterness of soul, Hannah wept much and prayed to the Lord.” (1 Samuel 1:10 NIV)  She knew to whom to turn. Hannah understood that God is the one to whom we should take our burdens. He cares. Our Father loves us deeply. He hears us when we cry out to Him. God is faithful and powerful. He is the ONE who can answer our prayers. There was NO need to complain to the people around her. Hannah knew Who to go to with her problem.

She was also uninhibited in her public prayer life.  Hannah was bold. She did not care what others thought as she wept and prayed. Her Dark Season of Desperation turned into Her Delightful Song of Deliverance because Hannah understood the power of prayer. (I Samuel 2)

2. Hannah’s prayer life affected her personal life. She went from down-cast and depressed to faith-filled and free. Eli confirmed her request as he said,  “Go in peace, and may the God of Israel grant you what you have asked of him.” At that moment, Hannah arose with confidence and freedom. She had assurance God would meet her need.  “Then she went her way and ate something, and her face was no longer downcast” 1 Samuel 1:18  Hannah trusted God would give her a baby before she was pregnant with her son. She believed the future would birth her gift. Hannah acted in faith, and God granted her prayers. My friend, once you voice your prayers, turn your voice into praising as you wait for the promise!

3. Hannah followed through with her Promise. “I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of him. So now I give him to the Lord. For his whole life he will be given over to the Lord.” 1 Samuel 1: 24-28) She gave back to the Lord what He gave her. She followed through with her commitments. She was true to her word. Hannah took Samuel to the temple to be raised by Eli.

After she was faithful to her word, God blessed her with five more children. You can never out give God.

4. Hannah’s prayer life affected loved ones around her. Her prayers changed her surroundings and everyone around her. Her son blessed all of Israel.  He became a priest, prophet, counselor, and judge of their nation. He would be the one to anoint David as the future King. Hannah’s prayers were used by God to give her people one of the greatest kings that ever lived!

Ladies, what are you praying for today? Can I encourage you to pray like Hannah? Don’t give up! Pray bold prayers. Trust that God will answer your request. Follow through with your promises. Rest in the fact that your desperate prayers will not only change your circumstance but has the power to change a nation.

Let us be like Hannah and pray drunk prayers.

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