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Will You Pray with Me?


We have two great events this month! Please be praying with me. If you are in the Concord, Charlotte area, I would love for you to come to either event!

First, I will be sharing this weekend at my home church for a ladies prayer breakfast. The devotional is entitled “A Message to the 29 and 89-year-old me.” The theme for the breakfast is “Redeeming Time” from Ephesians 5:16. I believe God has something extraordinary as we come together and pray. Will you pray for every lady that attends? Will you pray for me as I share? I would love for you to join us. Click Here to sign up.

Also, I am beyond excited to partner with six inspiring women on Saturday, February 29, for a city-wide conference!!! The one-day event is entitled, “Be FEARLESS!” (Joshua 1:9) This will be a gathering of worship and six different messages; all focused on the same mighty Savior! Pray for every speaker. Pray for the worship team. Pray for every attendee. Come if you can!

Click Here for a video clip with more information! Click Here to sign up!

Thanks Ladies! If I can ever help you or your church, I would be honored!

Contact me at

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