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A Hot Mess

A friend recently announced to a group of ladies that, "I had it all together." (Hang with me, don't stop reading - she meant it as a compliment, but I did not know whether to laugh or cry. You and I both know I do not have it all together.) At that very moment, I felt like a complete hot mess.

The very day she shared, I had scrambled from one responsibility to another. I felt scattered, tattered, worn-out, and one step behind my schedule all day long. As she spoke, there were dirty dishes piled in my kitchen sink, writing which laid incomplete, two-foot piles of smelly clothes lining the hallway begging to be washed, and a to-do list with no strikes. I even arrived at my engagement without my "fixed look," wearing a wrinkled top that I had worn the three previous days. Not only did my physical world seem to be a disaster, but my thoughts as well. My mind was frazzled from thinking through a decision that needed to be made. My emotions had been up and down all week. I was deep in thought on how to avoid one piece of my God-given calling. I had let my anger get a hold of me in a situation, and reacted too quickly. Honestly, I felt far from having anything together, much less having it 'all together.'

Do you know that there was a guy in the OT who could quite possibly relate? He was the epitome of a hot mess. In fact, he did run from his calling (Jonah 1:1-3), he lived in rebellion, ended up in the belly of a large fish (Jonah 1:17), and even became angry when God forgave a nation (Jonah 4:1-2). However, God used this man named, Jonah, to change a city. Jonah repented and returned to his assignment resulting in a changed people (Jonah 3:5). If God can use a hot mess like Jonah, He can use you and me.

So, what do messy Moms do in her messy world? Here is what I like to remember on my hard days.

First, God loves messy people. The truth is messy people are loved by the Messiah. Isaiah 54:10 reads, For the mountains may depart and the hills be removed, but my steadfast love shall not depart from you, and my covenant of peace shall not be removed,” says the Lord, who has compassion on you." God gives compassion and cleansing. He gives peace. When I meet with my Messiah, I can breathe deep and He helps me move forward. As we work through our messy lives, God preforms the miracles often needed for changed lives.

Second, remember that God loves to use messy people. This sweet lady went on to share that I had mentored her. I am humbled and yet honored she is a part of my life. Somehow God had encouraged her through my authenticity. God is good at using imperfect people. God is good at taking the ugly and creating beauty. God also used Jonah's surrendered heart and through him, the people of Nineveh learned of a Savior. Is your life a mess this morning? Do you feel a little tattered and/or torn? If so, from one hot messy mom to another, be reminded of what matters in this crazy life. Remember, you are loved by a God who cherishes you even with your imperfections. He can use you in ways you never imagined. Rest in the truth that our Lord is good at turning any mess into a beautiful blessing. Find strength, my sweet sister, in your Messiah. Then breathe deep and move forward. I have heard it said, that He can turn your "mess" into His messsage. He did it for Jonah, and He can do it for you and me as well.

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