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Anchored Women's Ministry Conference

I am thrilled to be at Anchored - a Women's Ministry Conference this weekend in Concord, NC, sponsored by the Women's Ministry Toolbox with Cyndee Ownbey.

Cyndee is a Women’s Ministry Mentor, Speaker, Author, Podcaster, Founder of the Women's Ministry toolbox, and best-selling author of Rethinking Women’s Ministry.

This weekend the ministry is training directors from 17 states and more than 54 churches at my home church as we strengthen ladies to do ministry well.

The weekend will include the following:

2 Days of Women’s Ministry Training

3 Keynote Sessions

4 Different Workshops

Brainstorming Breakouts

Discussion Time

Q&A Session


Will you pray with Cyndee and me for the teaching, training, inspiration, and encouragement of the attendees? Cyndee is the keynote speaker, and I will be the MC and share in Workshops. Others are sharing as well. Pray for workshop leaders Shanda Fulbright, Amanda Goodman, and Jerijo Cox.

Pray for our worship team!

Click Here for more details as you bathe the attendees and us in prayer. Thank you to the moon and back! I am so grateful for you and your prayers.

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