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Can I Pleeeease Pack Something Fun for my Lunch?

Evidently, everyone at school has fun, exciting snacks, while my grandbaby girl's lunch seems lacking. Tired of her healthy homemade food, our darling has been eyeing her classmates' prepackaged snacks and yummy sandwiches. So, on Tuesday of this past week, Bella pleaded with her momma for a sugary treat to be added to the lunch plans. We received a cute text from our daughter explaining the scene.

Bella enters the kitchen, begging, Can I PLEASE pack something fun in my lunchbox for tomorrow? Everybody else always has super cool things! Like brownies, or cookies, or sandwiches. All I’ve had for the past two days are quesadillas. Booringggg! I’m so embarrassed!”

*Falls dramatically on the kitchen counter

I must admit the text made me giggle. However, it also has me pondering. Do I desire more because what I have seems lacking? Do I take my requests to the One who can bless me?

My thoughts travel to an intriguing story of a man in Scripture who prayed for the Lord's favor. He asked God to give freely. He prayed for enlarged borders and God's blessings.

"Jabez called upon the God of Israel, saying, “Oh, that you would bless me and enlarge my border, and that your hand might be with me, and that you would keep me from harm so that it might not bring me pain!” And God granted what he asked." (I Chronicles 4:10 ESV)

Just as my Bella knew her Mom had the power to change in her situation, note that Jabez called on the God of Israel to change his. Jabez understood who to ask. He knew the ONE who could give him more in a lacking situation. Jabez called upon the God of Isreal. Friend, you and I can ask the One who gives freely.

Ask the ONE who gives freely.

Then Jabez moved directly into his requests of enlarged borders and God's blessings. He wanted God's hand to be with him and keep him from harm. His prayer is bold and seemingly a bit self-focused. Yet, he is not reprimanded. I believe God is concerned with our desires. I also believe we do not always understand the grandness of his power. Do you pray with boldness? Sometimes I do, but not often. Do you have a hard time praying seemingly selfish prayers? Me too! However, friend, we can take big and bold requests to the Lord. Jabez wanted God's hand with him and that is good. Jabez asked to be kept from harm and pain. This is good. Ask boldly for big borders and big blessings!

Ask Boldly for big borders and big blessings.

His story ends with, "And God granted what he asked." I am not promoting a name it-claim-it attitude but I am challenging you and me to pray trusting for more than our simple minds can comprehend. I also believe that God will not override any prayer that is not for our best. Often, we can learn how to pray as we pray. Often, the blessing is knowing God better as we converse with Him. This intimacy with Him in the process is the prize. However, because we know the God who can change everything; why not ask? He gives and grants more than we can imagine. Keep praying and seeking God for wisdom. Pray for His goodness and blessings. Trust that He can expand your territory as you honor Him for His glory. God is concerned with the desires of our heart. As we come to Him asking, He blesses His children. Scriptures reads, "And God granted what he asked." If God can do it for Jazeb, He can grant your request too. If your asking is in His will, then God will grant it.

God granted what He asked.

You will be glad to know that Bella's momma granted what she asked, too. Lauren snuck Skittles into Bella's lunch with a sweet note. Bella was grateful and enjoyed the sweet treat! Our Father wants to do the same for you and me today. He gives good gifts.

Friend, perhaps we don't have because we don't ask.

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