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Covid and Carbs Have Not Been Good to Me :)

She stood only two inches high. (2 inches!!!) But she possessed a power that I could not resist!

I am not sure if it was her buttery, flaky crust or the dream cream of her middle, or perhaps the light crunch of the nutty pecans, followed by a tall dollop of her rich whipped cream but friends, she had unmeasurable power packed in her tiny two inches. I hate to admit it, but she possessed a pull that had me falling from my previous carefully declared "no's" to a salivating "yes, please." And it all happened in one long, lustful look which led to a downward spiral. HA! Upon my husband watching me eat a snickers bar later that same night, he declared: "when you fall, you fall hard!" haha.

How does a two-inch pie inflict such weakness of willpower? What is it dear Sister, that makes me want an overabundance of carbs? It is not just the pie but warm cookies and hot lattes and cold ice cream that leave me feeling weak and powerless!

Carbs and Covid have not been good for me. What about you? I am preaching to myself today, for I have not mastered this one. :) But here is what I am thinking.

Life is a balance, and pie is not a sin. However, I do not want to be controlled by carbs. I hate the thought of standing before my Lord one day and telling Him that it was the carbs that held me in bondage when He came to set me free! Others are fighting deep and hard battles. They are winning their wars. So, I cannot be undone by a two-inch tall pecan pie!

The truth is that I am strong in the Lord - Not me, but HE! Isaiah 40:29 (ESV) "He gives power to the weak and strength to the powerless." "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Philippians 4:23 (ESV) Perhaps, I need to take my eyes off of the pecan pie, and look to the All-Power God. He says, "Behold I am the Lord, the God of all flesh. Is there anything too hard for me?" Jeremiah 32:27 (ESV)

Do you know Scripture speaks of God's being all powerful or omnipotent? The word omnipotent is from two latin words, "omni" which means "all" and "potent" meaning "power". That means He has ALL power. There is nothing too hard for Him. Let us lean into His power, even in the simple daily temptations.

I admit, I run to carbs when I need to run to Christ. I know He gives the comfort that I crave. I am asking the Lord to retrain my brain. I want to know my Jesus so intimately that even pecan pie looses it's power over me. Sister, that is the answer. We can walk in victory. We can walk in intimacy with Jesus. The Holy Spirit within us has given us a spirit of power, even over a seemingly overpowering pecan pie!

Let's go win our battles! :)

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