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Dressing Beautifully

Hi gals!

I’m Sarah-Louise and tickled pink to be here on Becky’s blog to share with you some pearls on dressing modest, savvy and of course beautifully! I am the creator and voice behind the blog Dress Beautifully for over 6 years now. I believe in dressing all aspects of one’s life beautifully.

Dressing yourself isn’t in vain, in fact it’s essential. Beyond just covering, it can create confidence in yourself, those around you and a welcoming atmosphere. Presenting yourself well shows others that you’re proud of the person God made you to be! It also shows others how much you care about them and your time together.

Now, I’m not saying a ballgown is fitting for coffee with a friend. However, I do believe that when we display care in our appearance it allows ourselves and others to see the gratitude we have for our bodies and this life we’ve been given.

As adults we can easily forget how wonderfully and beautifully made we are. I know with my little girl it comes so easy to shower her in this reminder and just because I’m self aware of my sinfulness forget He made me the same!

We are princesses, daughters of the King and heirs to His kingdom. While we may not wear a crown on our heads, we do on our hearts. Here are some style tips that I hope you’ll find helpful in dressing yourself beautifully:

1. Go All Natural. Crisp cotton fabric is key! It’s breathable (I live in the South so it’s necessary for survival), easy to clean, and polished.

2. Prints are personal & friendly. They showcase your personality and camouflage extra curves for a flattering look. They also hide blemishes (if you have kids or are prone to lunch splatters then you know what I mean).

3. Skimming Seams. When a garment skims the body rather than sticks to it or billows away from it you achieve a soft silhouette. It’s also important that a piece has seams to create shape and structure otherwise it can appear like you’re wearing a sack.

4. Leggings are NOT pants. Ladies, think of it this way, if you dipped your naked self in black paint that is what you look like in leggings. It is not modest nor appealing. They are only appropriate for actually exercising or as an underpinning for a top that completely covers your derriere. No offense, just truth.

5. Keep it Classy. If you wouldn’t wear it in front of your Grandma then you shouldn’t wear it. I’m not saying we have to be buttoned up & high collared but I’d rather the respect of a princess than a pop star.

6. Add Accessories. Just a headband, necklace or scarf can make even the most basic of ensembles (think t-shirt & jeans) perfectly polished! It’s that last finishing piece that truly elevates your look and again allows your personal style to shine through.

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