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Happy Fall, Ya'll!

Recently, my guy and I enjoyed a quick getaway to Little Switzerland in the mountains of North Carolina. The quaint small town consists of a used bookstore, a coffee house, and a restaurant. It was a tiny place but had a welcoming air. I enjoyed browsing through the bookstore and sipping my oat-milk latte.

We also hiked two trails in the area, Crabtree Falls and Roaring Fork Falls. Crabtree is a scenic 2.5-mile loop trail and moderate to strenuous hike with a steep incline and rocky terrain. However, the gorgeous fall was worth the climb.

Crab Tree Falls, Little Switzerland, NC

Roaring Fork Falls was a tall, thin, beautifully cascading waterfall! It was breathtaking, with a short half-mile walk to the destination. This is your trail if you want an easy impact hike with a grand payoff!

Roaring Fall, Little Switzerland, NC

But my favorite part of the weekend was the pops of color along the journey.

The cooler weather brought a golden sunlight that enhanced the waterfalls and the ever-changing Fall colors. The foliage of deep oranges, vibrant yellows, and crimson reds painted a picture of God's handiwork. Therefore, we decided to venture onto the Blue Ridge Parkway for more views of fall color.

Today, as I think of the breathtaking Fall foliage of this mountain experience, I am reminded of the rhythms of life. Winter turns to Spring. Spring to Summer and Summer to Autumn. There is a constant and steady change of life. And every season is full of beauty. Nature has rhythms. Life has rhythms. Music has rhythms. And my day should have rhythm.

Rhythm is defined as a strong, regular, and repeated pattern. As I ponder the word, I know there is power in 'strong and repeated habits.' The rhythms in life are good.


Rhythmic habits create a rhythmic flow. The positive habits develop a positive path. The positive path creates a positive flow. Otherwise, I am the first to talk myself out of the growth step, and I can get lost in an unmarked trail. When specific disciplines are not part of the routine, I quickly cave. But if the habit becomes natural, the rhythmic patterns create growth. Here are a few benefits of rhythmic patterns for life.

Rhythmic patterns create positive results.

Patterns help to create coherent and predictable outcomes. You will grow spiritually if you have a rhythmic habit of reading God's word. God will speak to you through His word. He will guide, direct, and teach you and me through our Bible reading. The same principle applies to creating a pattern of going to the gym or taking daily walks. As we create repeated patterns in our schedule for self-care, we will be stronger, have more energy, and feel better. Positive repeated patterns generate a flow toward success.

"Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time, we will reap a harvest if we do not give up." Galatians 6:9 (ESV)

Rhythmic patterns create momentum.

As I step into the habit, I see results, and momentum builds. For example, when I spend time with the Lord, my relationship with him grows, and I want more. I learn to hear His voice clearly. I know when He directs me. I experience intensely His love for me. The rhythmic pattern of my spiritual love creates momentum.

If I consistently go to the gym, momentum builds in my physical life. I see the results, and I want more. I feel stronger. I have more energy. As the discipline grows and the results grow, so does the acceleration. I have heard it said that a penny can stop a parked train from moving forward. However, a train moving forward with momentum can go through a five-foot brick wall. The rhythmic patterns of life create an unstoppable momentum.

Rhythmic patterns create calming attitudes.

I do not have to think about whether I will have my devos or go to the gym if it is a pattern in my lifestyle. I just do it. I move into the steps for the day. I stick to the routine. I do so without much thought or self-talk. It is the next thing on my schedule for the day, creating a pattern of success.

The rhythm eliminates the questions in my headspace. It removes the thoughts of getting out of a commitment. If I know and stick to the plan, the rhythmic pattern creates a calming attitude. The more rhythmic patterns I make, the more calming my thoughts and day become. Rhythmic patterns give order and stability. Rhythmic patterns create calming perspectives.

"For God is not a God of confusion but of peace." 1 Corinthians 14:33

How about you? Where do you want to create a rhythmic pattern today? I challenge you to pause to see the color of God's goodness around you. Soak in the Fall weather and drink in the beauty of the world. Breathe deep. Rest in knowing that the rhythms of life He created are powerful and natural. As we develop a life of patterns, we will step into positive results, an unstoppable momentum, and calming attitudes.

Happy Fall, Ya'll!

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