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The Power of Your Life

Gala Event for Faith Alive Ministries

Oakboro, NC - October 5

Because it is my birthday week, I have pondered the passing of time and the speed at which it seems to have accelerated. The earth continues to circle the sun at the same speed and rhythm, yet my personal life is moving faster than ever.

Life is full. My heart is whole. And this week, I celebrated my 58th birthday. I was thrilled to spend my day with my daughter and my grands. That evening was enjoyed with long-time girlfriends at a gala event. This weekend, I have plans with my Guy.

As I have matured, my prayer has become, "Lord, time is short. Use my later years even more than my beginning. Let me be busy with your work." My mind travels from my prayer to a verse in Scripture. Job 42 reads, "Now the LORD blessed the latter days of Job more than his beginning."

How about you? Do you long to leverage your days?

I do not know what season of life you are in today. Perhaps you are raising those babies with little sleep and limited time. Maybe you are building a career, and life is exhausting. Perhaps you are retired and planning that next trip, as you feel time slipping away. All scenarios are excellent and worthy. Be reminded today of the power your life displays.

Be reminded today, of the power your life displays.

As we live on the earth, circling the sun, we tell a story. I want my life to tell His story. We have but one life to give for the glory of the gospel. No matter the season, I desire to share the good news. I do that by speaking and writing.

But I also I display Him, as I make another sun-butter sandwich for those hungry grands; and I pause to thank Him for the mouths and the meals. I honor the Lord by asking Him to let me be a mommy or a Mimi who displays patience and grace before tiny souls.

You and I share Christ as we build a career, and work as unto the Lord. We learn to train our brains to labor for the applause of one. We can be faithful even in the hard. As we have peace in the difficult, our life displays His grace.

Friends, there is power in a life well lived. If you are still on this earth circling the sun, there is much to do. Today, will you join me in this prayer?

"Let my later year be even more worthy for the cause than my early years," I promise; He will answer this prayer more than you ever imagined.

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13 okt. 2023
Betygsatt till 5 av 5 stjärnor.

"The Power of Your Life" spoke to me in unimaginable ways! This what my heart has been screaming. Let me serve my Lord in this season of having more freedom in time and energy and Holy Spirit fed Knowledge. Put me in coach (Jesus)

11 feb.

I agree. Put me in coach! I love that!

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