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To the Worn-Out Momma

I know.

I hear the voices in your head asking yourself what’s for dinner as hungry family members pepper you with the same question. Sister, I know for I hear the same question and search the same fridge.

I know.

I see you watching the hour-hand waiting for reinforcements to walk through the door, or counting the moments until bedtime, a show or some other way of escape. Sister, I know, I wear the same watch.

I know.

I know of hiding in the bathroom for ugly cries when you don’t want the kids to see your tears. I know of warm salty streams pouring down your cheeks. Sister, I know for I have the same bathroom and cry the same ugly tears.

I know.

I know of dirty toilets, mountains formed by laundry and smells that make you gag. Sister, I have the same unmet expectations lurking in corners and hallways of my home.

I know.

I know of reflections in the mirror leaving you to wonder who is this woman staring back at me? I know of the bags under the eyes and stretch marks, and un-kept hair. Sister, I know for I have the same unfriendly mirror.

I know.

I know, sweet momma. You are tired, worn and weary. I have been there, and sometimes I am still there.

However, I also know that you are exhausted because you are ‘Winning at this thing called Motherhood.’ You are preparing dinner even when tattered and worn from a full day’s job. You are washing clothes though fatigue set in hours ago. You manage to brush your daughter’s hair but your hair is untouched and even your toothbrush lays dry. You are putting other’s needs above your own as you hear your babies cry in the night. You leave a comfortable bed to sooth a hungry helpless soul or hold the toddler frightened from a nightmare. Sister, I know.

I know, you give your all. Again. And again.

And again. And again.

And honestly, you would give your life for the life of your child. I know, because you already do. You lay down your wants, desires, and comforts for your child, just like Christ laid down His life for His child. You, like Christ, have embraced the hard road, knowing deep down it is the right road.

I know you are tired and torn. But from one mom to another, you must rest in the truth – You are tired because you are doing this thing called ‘motherhood’ well – Extremely Well.

And Sister, I picture in my mind, Jesus elbowing His Father saying, “See Her? She is Crushing Motherhood like a Boss.”

“His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!’ Matthew 25:23 (NIV)

Happy Mother’s Day!

Photo Credit for this week’s featured picture belongs to the talented Hope Minter at Hope Lauren Creative serving Greensboro and the surrounding area Click Here for more info Call 423-413-1866

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