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When Mundane Feels Boring-

With a feeling of dread, I open the door of the kitchen appliance. How does it fill up so quickly? Absentmindedly, I began the mundane task. I did it yesterday, and I know it will be repeated tomorrow as I do it again today. Without thought, I picked up an item. I wiped off the missed wet spots and returned to their assigned home. I wiped the cups, plates, and silverware until all was unloaded. Often, I am tempted to believe humdrum tasks are unimportant. The drab, typical, repetitive everyday motions can become wearisome. Sometimes, I want to cut corners or skip the routine. I am tempted to wonder if it has ANY purpose at about you?

Can I encourage you to be faithful if you feel drained from your boring and repetitive responsibilities?

This morning, I reread a simple story from John 6:1-15. It is a well-known passage packed with profound truths. Jesus had been teaching a large crowd, and when it became dinner time, because of empty stomachs, Jesus told his disciples to feed his followers. Philip answered, "Two hundred days' wages would not be enough to give everyone even one bite of bread." Yet, Andrew brought to Jesus a young boy willing to share his packed lunch of two fish and five barley loaves of bread. After the crowd was instructed to sit on the grassy hillside, Jesus prayed over the boy's lunch and gave it to all to enjoy. There was more than enough for everyone. In fact, twelve baskets of leftovers were collected at the end of the meal.

But here are thoughts on what we are not told in this story:

Though there is no mention of the boy's parents, I believe it is safe to assume he had a mom. I believe this mom packed his lunch. I picture her rising early to make the necessary preparations for the day. She probably made the meals for her family repeatedly and faithfully.

So, what if the boy's momma had not packed his lunch that morning? What if she decided she was tired of the mundane routine? What if she had skipped the chore?

The job might have seemed dull and uneventful. I wonder if she sleepily complained about putting something together for lunch or wanted to sleep an extra ten minutes. Yet, she did it again. She fixed the lunch that God used to miraculously feed over 5,000 people. Her small act of faithfulness resulted in a miracle of God.

Can you imagine the joy, pride, and reward she felt when she heard how the meal was placed into the hands of our Lord? I am sure she was thankful she took the time early that morning to complete a mundane task.

God uses everything—even the mundane—as an opportunity. Our mundane may not be what feeds the multitudes, but we can rest assured that when we do them for His glory, they are not wasted.

Stay the course, my sweet sister.  There is often a message in the mundane.

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