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That’s a Wrap!

Yesterday, we celebrated Christmas for the last time in 2018. During this season, my family has gathered for differing events. We participated in a candlelight service where carols were sung and a message shared. 

We read the Christmas story from a children’s Bible as we gathered around the tree. We unwrapped gifts. 

We met around the worn farm table for Christmas dinner. We celebrated with extended family as we gathered again for Celebratory events and traditional dishes. We laughed as we listened to old stories. We piled in the car to see Christmas lights. We have truly enjoyed this Christmas. It has been a sweet season for the Seamons.

But today as my children head back to college and work; and as family members are settling into their every-day routine, this momma is not ready to move into her ordinary. On this quiet morning, by the white lights and decorative ornaments, I find myself sipping warm coffee and replaying the recent week’s events in my mind’s eye. 

Do you ever want to savor the memory? Do you ever seek to capture and tuck the special moments in your heart as a stored treasure?

I know I am sentimental, but I do.

There was a young woman in the Bible named Mary who also savored her God-given moments. On the very first Christmas, she too pondered and held in her heart the events unfolding around her.  Luke 2:19 (NIV) reads, “But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.” The Good News Translation says, “Mary remembered all these things and thought about them deeply.” I believe Mary not only soaked in the moments, but she treasured them as she trusted the God who allowed each one.  She must have been in awe as the shepherds came to visit her son. She had to wonder about the gift of Christ becoming a man. She believed the angel’s message of “Peace and good-will to earth.” Mary was aware. She was attentive. Mary soaked in the moments. Mary understood the beauty of holding tightly to what was taking place around her. She recognized the gifts. She pondered them in her heart.

Like Mary, I am holding onto life’s gifts. As I recognize them, I have tucked each one safely in my soul. As I revisit the memory, it revitalizes the ordinary. Mary would face much heart-ache and hurt in her future. However, the painful days would have been even harder, if she had not paused to treasure the good as well. 

Whatever you are facing today, my friend, I invite you to sit with me for a moment. Like Mary, treasure, and keep the good gifts in our mind’s eye. There are pleasures all around to deposit into your memory bank. Hold on to them tightly. They will carry you on the harder days. 

Here are a few of mine:

I am grateful for the souls that have gathered around the tree. 

I am thankful to be able to share tangible gifts for sometimes presents are hard to come by.

I remember the playful moments of epic nerf wars and princesses dresses. I praise the Lord for time to enjoy each other’s company. 

But most of all I whisper gratitude for the baby in the manger and His gift of salvation. Indeed, this is the reason we pause and celebrate.

Sweet sister, before we move back into the rush of the routine, I invite you to pause. Pause to ponder. Pause to treasure each moment. Pause to remember the gifts all around us. 

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