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High Heels at His Feet Online BOUTIQUE!

I have a surprise for you! I have been working on a secret! Now is the time to reveal!

Drum Roll, Please! :)

It has been my goal to open an online Boutique! So, therefore, I am rolling into the new year with an addition to this ministry. High Heels at His Feet Ministries will open its very own Online Boutique!!! It will offer books with Spiritual helps for your journey. Plus, just for fun, the store will have some of my favorite cute things - such as earrings and accessories!

I will continue with my weekly encouraging blogs! However, for now - can you celebrate with me!?

Visit the store and let me know your thoughts! Place something in the cart for yourself or a friend! Be watching for more items are coming, I am just getting started!!!:)

Check it out by clicking Here. Enjoy!

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