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Lattes and Life 2

Hi All!

Tomorrow is the big day!!!

Let me share an exciting opportunity for all my local friends happening this Saturday! You are invited to Lattes and Life as we learn four ways to enrich our life with Jesus. This is taking place at West Cabarrus Church in Concord, NC on Saturday morning, April 9, 2022 from 9am. - 11am. If you can't come, please be praying for those who will be with us. Pray for the workshop leaders too.

We will start the day with a yummy continental breakfast, including fresh fruit, yogurt, breakfast casseroles, and muffins. We will follow with informative workshops while sipping lattes. Choose one workshop from the list below. Cost is 12 dollars to cover food and beverage.

Workshops Include:

1. How to Pray led by Karen Deaton

2. How to Read Your Bible by Cyndee Ownbey

3. Casual Conversations on Mentorship with DeLeslie Kiser and Heather McGinnis

4. How to Share your Faith by Becky Seamon

We will even have a special latte just for this morning called the Sweet Life Latte!

How fun, right? Do you know that we have two of our very own barista's!? I can't promise the fancy heart on top, but it is to be so yummy with great fellowship and fabulous teaching! Hope to see you there!

Coffee Drink Options Include:

Vanilla latte : vanilla syrup + espresso + milk

Caramel Macchiato : caramel drizzle + caramel syrup + milk + espresso

Cinnamon + Vanilla Shaken Latte : caramel drizzle + dust cinnamon on sides of cup --> vanilla syrup, cinnamon, espresso, milk and shake ---> dust cinnamon over top of latte

(The Sweet Life) Orange Blossom Latte : orange syrup + espresso + milk

Drip Coffee

You can sign up here! Whether you are free to come or not, thanks for the prayers!

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